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49. Keeping a Nature Journal by Clare Walker Leslie and Charles Roth.
I read this last year, and wanted a review.

About this time last year I had determined that I wanted to homeschool Ike, the next step was to decide how. One of the methods that I looked at, that I really liked, was the Charlotte Mason Method. Think of it as the "Great Books" education. A CM education focuses on "Living Books" that aren't "Twaddle" (I love that word). One of the pillars of a CM education is the Nature Journal. At least once a week, you are to take the child/ren out into nature and have them make observations, then draw or write about what they saw. The basic concept is that this is Nature Studies/drawing lessons/observation practice/animal study/insect study/Botany all rolled into one, as age appropriate. This book is one of the books recommended by many to get an idea about How to keep a Nature Journal. (that and Handbook of Nature Study...awesome blog of that name too) Although Nature Journals aren't necessarily Waldorf, but I still like the idea. I want to start this for myself this summer. Its my goal to spend 10-15 minutes a day, everyday, drawing something. So I wanted to  re-read this book. I just wish SJPL had a copy, I have to borrow this one from Sonoma State. Takes frickin' forever to get things from Link+. But I am, however, grateful that the service is available. This way I don't have to buy one.
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