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Why I put in for LifeWays Training

Late last week I managed to get out an application for Central Coast LifeWays Training. Rahima Baldwin-Dancy describes LifeWays as "Learning how to be at home with young children". Sometimes I feel like I don't know enough to be as good a mother as I could be. So I read lots of books on parenting attempting to fill in the holes in my knowledge base. LifeWays is a Waldorf early childhood education program aimed for parents, grandparents, and childcare workers. The program fulfills California's requirements for becoming a licensed Childcare provider. (Although that part is optional.)  I get a chance to learn a lot of things, and really focus on sharpening my mothering skills.

My mother asked me why. And I really couldn't give a coherent answer. I found one tonight.

"The education of young children is therefore largely a matter of the adult's own self-education. We must become ever more conscious of ourselves and committed to our strivings: we must work to transform ourselves so that the children in our care will be nourished by the truth, beauty, and goodness living in our thoughts, words, and deeds."- Roberto Trostli "Rhythms of Learning" page 93

I want to do this training to immerse myself in self-improvement with the company of other adults who want the same thing. To learn to care for our children in a better way. I may be a good mother...but I can become a better one...this training will help me walk a path to do so.

I hope I get in.
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