aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

There is a lizard

hiding under my desk.

The kids and I were watching newly downloaded videos on my computer (I finally got to watch Gray eat his birthday cake) and someone yells out

"What? Where?" Somebody points it out. Its next to my desk. And its not moving.

Yuck. Dead lizard.

I get a cup to scoop the lizard body up and it remembers that hoomans are scary things, and scrapes up enough energy to scurry under my desk.

Where I'm sure it will die shortly of dehydration and starvation. I'll try looking again tonight.

I gave the kids a discussion on why they should be closing the doors.


The only consolation? Its not the huge 1 foot long one I took a picture of yesterday, he's still hiding by the garbage.
Tags: self

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