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Quotable quotes

"Researchers have affirmed that the adult is guided by motives, the child by impulses, the adult is logical while the child is caught up in a web of illusory imagination; that the adult chas character, a definite moral make-up, while the child is enmeshed in a chaos of instincts and desires. They study the child not as a different psychological being but as a weaker and poorer one. As if adults are everything-all learned proffessors!"
-Janusz Korczak "The Childs Right to Respect"

"In retrospect, I am making progress in my spiritual development over the long range. Looking back over the short term, I fall back and move forward, veer right and then left. The climb is not straight up, but there is progress. God doesn't expect anyone (including me) to become instantly perfected. God only asks us to try." -Howard Storm "My Descent into Death" P. 133
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