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52. My descent into Death: A second chance at Life by Howard Storm
Your basic Near Death Experience and description of changed life afterwards. This one is slightly different because he was an atheist, and dragged into hell when he "died". Turned Christian after his return. Typical. But still a quick, good read that made some interesting points regarding Spirituality.

53.When I am little again and A Childs Right to Respect by Janusz Korczak translated by Kulawiec
One of the books and an essay written by a very obscure Polish Pedagogue. The book is interesting as Korczak asked an elf to be made little again because as an adult he felt that a childs life was so much easier. Its a description of a few days when he discovers it is not. Eye opening at how children might view the world. The essay is also quite good. Should be required reading by parents and teachers. I am looking for more of this mans work. He wrote some very interesting things. I look forward to reading more should I be able to track any down.
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