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54. Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book by Lisa Hildreth
A cute little book of recipes, menus, and discussions about good health and food from the Waldorf Kindergarten. I'll be using lots of these.

55. The True Saint Nicholas: Why He Matters to Christmas by William J. Bennett
So one of the more popular Waldorf books about Saint Nicholas is out of print. I managed to snag one of the last copies from the publisher. Most aren't so lucky. While at the library on Friday, this book caught my eye. Little book, just over a 100 pages long. So I picked it up to see if it might have something that a Waldorf educator could use. There is...sorta. Its divided into three parts. The first part is as factual as you can get. The second is the legends, the last the legacy. The last part talks specifically about how Sinterklaas turns into Santa Claus. Not a bad read and had some interesting bits I didn't know.

56.Early Childhood Education and the Waldorf School Plan by Elizabeth M. Grunelius
Recently I figured that I'll be teaching Waldorf Kindy for the next 6 years. So I decided to read up on the subject a bit. Elizabeth Grunelius was the first Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher. This is a short booklet lays out quickly the principles, activites, and the physical layout of the Waldorf Kindergarten. Lots of stuff to absorb...I'll be reading this one again.

57. Changes by Jim Butcher
Book number 12 of the Harry Dresden Series. AWESOME!!! I want to kill Jim Butcher for the ending. Son of a Bitch! How dare you end the book by somebody finally getting what appears to be a fatal shot at Harry! Who the fuck to you think he is J.R. Ewing? I don't want to wait a freaking year to find out what the hell just happened! And since the title of the next one is "Ghost Story". Don't do this to me! Bastard.

58. Shadow Magic by Patricia Wrede
I picked this one up off the floor after Gray dumped a bunch of books off the shelf. Realized I hadn't read it, so I did. Popcorn. Good story. The thing I really appreciated the most about it? Its a complete story in 279 pages. Nowadays this story would have been at least a trilogy. Very nice to read a very tight story.
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