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59.A womans path: motherhood, love, and personal development by Almut Bockemuhl
I had high hopes for this book, but it was pretty dry and I really didn't get much out of it. Back to Amazon.

60. Lessons at the Blackberry Inn: Adventures in the gentle art of learning by Karen Andreaola
This is a sequel to Pocketful of Pinecones. I enjoyed the story and the characters of the first one and was pleased to see that Andreaola wrote a sequel. The homeschooling advice about it wasn't worth keeping it. Back to Amazon.

61.Making a Family home by Shannon Honeybloom
Another book of high hopes, I thought there would be lots more info. Instead its a coffee table book on how a "Waldorfy" home might look like. Lots of nice pictures, very short on content a disappointment. Back to Amazon.

62. Radical Homemakers: reclaiming domesticity from a consumer culture by Shannon Hayes
A lot of people are reading this book. My library needs to own it. I do not. It was an amazing read and inspired me to attempt to do even more about becoming a producer rather than a consumer. However, I don't think this is a book I would read again. Its one of those that you read once, take the info and make it yours. Back to Amazon.

63. A Kindergarten Teacher looks at the word GOD: Reflections on Goodness, Oneness and Diversity by Betty Peck
Betty Peck is one of those living Gods of teaching in the Waldorf World. She's 86 years old and LOCAL! She lives in Saratoga. I'm annoyed to find that she's offering a one day seminar on getting kids into nature and I can't go (I can't miss the Dragon Princess Birthday Party). Now matter how cool she is, I'm disappointed in this book. You'd think from the title that its one that she wrote. No dice. Its all short essays written by other people and their exploration of Goodness, Oneness and Diversity. Intriguing, nicely written, but left me with wanting substance from HER. Back to the bookstore.

64. Stories of Dragons by Gillian Doherty
Finally! Something good on this list! I caught sight of this book at Happy Hollow's Gift shop and needed to grab a copy. But there was no way I was going to pay full price, I found one used on Amazaon and paid about half. A Usborne book, its a multi-cultural collection of Dragon stories, beautifully illustrated. LOVE this book and so do the kids.

Sneak Preview! (Or books I'm currently reading in no particular order)
  • Kindergarten Education: Freeing Childrens creative potential by Betty Peck (this one is all kinds of AWESOME!!! I'm savoring it as I read)
  • When the beginning began by Julius Lester (of Bre'r Rabbit fame. Another Awesome book. He retells the book of Genesis)
  • A mighty Fortress by David Weber (Book 4 of the Safehold series)
  • Raggedy Ann by Gruelle
  • The Seven year old wonder book by Isabel Wyatt
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