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Thanksgiving Thankfullness

Okay, I'm a day late, so sue me.

I am thankful for Joe, first and always. My darling Duncan, whom I love so much. I've put in 7+ years training him and he puts up with all my shit. He is patient, loving, and just an all around wonderful person. He gives me the best hugs and he's my biggest cheerleader. I couldn't ask for anything more. (Okay, one or two little things, but that just a matter of more training. =))

I am thankful for Ike, my first-born. As much as I complain about him, I wouldn't trade him for anything. Even in a bad mood he's always ready to give his mommy a hug (especially when she's in a bad mood). He makes me laugh and I am always proud of him.

I am thankful for Elli, my dream fulfiller. With her birth the dream of a daughter came true. Her toothless grins and her recent awareness of her tounge never cease to touch, amaze, and amuse me. What a precious person she is!

I am thankful for Gwen, my bonus child! With her arrival I not only got a "big" family, I got an amazing challenge. She's my cuddily littlest bundle, who is way too cute and she knows it.

I am thankful for my four-legged children: Magic and Harley. They amuse the living shit out of me and best yet, keep me warm on the cold winter nights. (The hell with a 4 dog night, its a 2 cat night!)

I am thankful for my chosen family. Many here on LJ. There are two families in your life. The ones you are related to, and the ones you choose. I am extremely lucky in my chosen family, you guys rock!

I am thankful for my health. Okay, so I'm not sleeping much and my immunity is currently shot due to it, but I am still able to get around and do pretty much whatever I want. It even puts up with my abuse.

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