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65. Praying Dangerously: Radical Reliance on God by Regina Sara Ryan
Wow. Just. Wow. This book was an impulse buy at the Waldorf in the Home Conference I went to back in April. I got it signed by the author (who was BTW the inspiration for the quote "When you get your socks knocked off...follow the socks!"). This book sucked me in on the first page and kept me going through the whole book. Awesome! Her inscription of the book sums up the message. "the most dangerous prayer is "Yes!""

66. A Mighty Fortress by David Weber
Book four of the Safehold series. Now I really, really enjoy David Weber. But its getting clear he really enjoys reading his own writing. Huge Fuckin book. With a good editor and a red pen about 1/3 could have been slashed out and not missed. Enough already! We do NOT need to know about every freaking cannon shot! When he gets around to telling the story, its something awesome, but its getting lugubrious. Tell the story! Not the tech details!

67. When the Beginning Began by Julius Lester
Ooo! Fun book. Julius Lester is known in our house as the modernizer of Brer Rabbit. If you get a chance to borrow the audio, read by him of course, do enjoy. My kids LOVE his Brer Rabbit. Anyway. This book. Think Brer Rabbit does the first three chapters of Genesis. Its a "midrash", or the story behind the story. Strict Bible intrepreters need not apply. Very fun and a quick read. He even re-used a Brer Rabbit story. Which is just a copy of a Jataka Tale in the first place.

68.Crown of Destiny by Bertrice Small
Smut! Quick read and best described as Popcorn. The author is one of my faves and this was the final installment of her fantasy world of Hetar. Silly, but I enjoyed the mindlessness of it.
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