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71. The Urban Homestead by Kelley Coyne and Erik Knutzen
I read this book because the authors were among the interviewees in the Radical Homemakers book. I figured what the heck and ordered it. Homesteading is the new buzz movement about simplicity and doing it yourself. The cool thing about this book is that the authors manage it in the middle of Los Angeles. Actually a really good book with lots of pointers and instructions and references to doing more things yourself and becoming a producer rather than a consumer. I may have to pick up a copy of this one.

72 The Seven Year Old Wonder Book by Isabel Wyatt
Lovely book. Meant to be read aloud during a child's 6th year and the book culminates with the protagonists 7th birthday. Full of lovely stories surrounded by the protagonists container story. Yet another Waldorf book. Just wonderful.

73. Wild Days: Creating Discovery Journals by Karen Rackliffe
Another Homeschooling Mom's take on nature journaling with kids. I'm purging my homeschooling books as I no longer want to be a "collector of curriculum". So I re-read this one to see if there was really anything in it that said "Keep me!" There wasn't so, I will be adding it to the box of stuff to sell at the Homeschool Con in August.
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