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82. Scrawny Tawny Lion by Little Golden Book
The Scrawny  Tawny Lion is HUNGRY....see how finally he gets full by turning pescatarian.

83. Armchair Mystic by Mark Thibodeaux, S.J.
A small, explanatory book about contemplative prayer and how to go about it. Really good. Especially for those new to prayer and wanting to go deeper.

84. A Friendship like no other by William Barry, S.J.
Another small book by Father Barry talking about how God wants our friendship. Another book on prayer.I liked the first book I read of his better, but. I LOVE a prayer he printed in the into.

Prayer of St. Anselm
Teach me to seek you,
and reveal yourself to me as I seek;
for unless you instruct me,
I cannot seek you,
and unless you reveal yourself,
I cannot find you.
Let me seek you in desiring you;
let me desire you in seeking you.
Let me find you in loving you;
let me love you in finding you.

that's just cool

85.Boundaries with kids by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend
Oldish (1998) parenting book. Think Love and Logic with added scripture notes. I got some good stuff out of this...including the phrase "You are responsible for your own fun. Go Play." I liked it.
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