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86. Standing for Something by Gordon Hinckley
Written by the previous President of the LDS church. I can hear allanh  screaching in the background that I read something written by a LDS. Well I did and it was quite good. The subtitle is Ten neglected virtues that can heal our hearts and homes. I didn't necessarily agree with all of it. But the man still had some good points to make about the disappearance of honesty, civility, gratitude, and optimism. (Just a short list of the topics covered). Quick read, nice book.

87. Seven times around the sun by Shea Darian
Waldorf book. Songs, poems and stories to help make the ordinary moments extraordinary. (i.e. getting up, bedtime, mealtime, playtime, etc, etc)

88. Drawing for older children and teens by Mona Brookes
I have to be honest, I read the reading part and skimmed the drawing exercises part. I like this book better than the original one. Although the exercises are pretty much the same.

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