aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

A long weekend..

which spanked my ass throughly.

Spent Saturday cleaning. Got some knitting in, started the day with mopping, middle of day cleaning the backyard, early evening running to grocery store, end of day with prepping 6 racks of ribs for the grill on Sunday.

Spent Sunday partying. Started with church. Run to Farmers Market and Trader Joes. Party prep. Welcome party guests. Party. Watch kids play with water, getting wet and having good time. Eating too much...including delicious ribs that someone else brought. Ended night cleaning, putting 6 racks of unfinished ribs in the freezer and collapsing.

Spent Monday recovering. Got up too early with wee boy (Gray), thanked God for Freezer Waffles. Waved Joe off to gym with 4 kids.Cleaned more.  Knitted 2.5 rows on my huge ass shawl.(449 stitches across). Put Gray to bed. Fed children. Ate huge lunch. Loaded children into van and spent $800 on bunk bed for girls. Came home, collapsed. Chat at MIL and SIL via Skype. Put Gray to bed at 5PM. Scrounged dinner from leftovers. Made salad. Write journal entry. Watch kids play. Go thud.

I need another day to recover!
Tags: kids, life, musings, party

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