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Dealing with a backlog. And in no particular order

89. To Re-Enchant the World: A philosophy of Unitarian Universalism by Richard Grigg
I joined this church a couple of years ago and I finally decided to read up on some of the beliefs. This one is really, really dry and reads like a disertation. Not surprising once you realize its written by a Head of Philosophy Dept at some college back east. Had some interesting things to say, but most of it isn't sticking with me.

90. Wrestling with God: A Unitarian Universalist guide for Skeptics and Believers by Tom Owen-Towle
Much better writing! Written by a minister who is used to writing in such a way to keep the auidence awake! A discussion on why athiests, agnostics, and believers are good for our faith. I liked this one very much.

91. Swimmy by Leo Lionni
Picture book about a black fish who teaches all the red fish to swim together and stay safe from the big fish in the ocean. Lovely illustrations.

92.King Beetle-Tamer by Isabel Wyatt
Third book of hers I've read and thus far this one is my favorite! Good stories, not so many with the endless repetition (good to tell the littles, boring as hell to read). Just good stuff as usual.

93. Getting in the Gap by Wayne Dyer
Short book on meditation (why, how, when, etc) and a CD to guide you through the Japa.

94. Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown
Classic picture book. Gotta love it!

95. Imagination song by Joe Raposo
An illustrated version of the Imagination song sung by Ernie (of Sesame Street). This is one of my favorite childhood songs and is permanently burned into my brain. I hear Ernie's voice in my head when I sing it. Kids like this one 'cause I don't need to see the words so they get to look at the book.

96. Goofy and the Miller by Walt Disney Productions
One of the dozen or so books that survived my childhood. I always liked the story and didn't realize until I started teaching Ike first grade that this is an adaptation of a Grimm's Fairy tale. About half of the books that survived are fairy tale adaptions. Goofy stars in about half of them. When I invested so much money in a new set of Disney books for the kids (most of which are gone now, I purged them) we never got new copies of these books. So I am hanging onto these!

97. Grandfather Twilight by Barbara Berger
Picture book on all the Waldorf reading lists. =) A sweet story about Grandfather Twilight and his task of taking a single pearl and carrying it to the sea where it becomes the moon.

98. Where the wild things are by Maurice Sendak
One of my favorite Childhood picture books. 'Nuff said.
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