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99. Parenting,  A Sacred Task: 10 Basics of Conscious Childraising by Karuna Fedorschak
This is a really good parenting book. Talks about a lot of things in a fairly concise manner. Just ten chapters (duh) hitting...well, the basics. Love, attention, boundaries, food....etc, etc. And throws in a bit about how to grow as a person, how to relax into the spiritual practice that parenting can be and how to surrender to your childs needs...and then how to let go when they no longer need you that much.

100. The Eight Year Old Legend Book by Isabel Wyatt.
Okay, now I've read all of hers that I own. There's still 2 (or more) out there for me to find. Contains 16 Jataka tales. Very well written, if Ike could read, I'd totally hand it over to him...its written to that age level and level of reading ability.

101.When the world is ready for bed by Gillian Shields
A rhyming picture book of a family of bunnies getting ready for bed. LOVELY illustrations (I just love a well done watercolor picture). Would be a great transistion book as it leads the family through the bed time rhythm  (i.e. clean up, brush teeth, put on pj's, etc, etc)
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