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102. Simply Pray by Erik Walker Wikstrom
Former UU parish minister and currently works for UUA. AWESOME book. Delves into the question of why pray in the first place and answers it pretty across the board faith wise. Second part delves into prayer formation by analyzing several well known prayers from different faiths to help reader create their own prayers. (Our Father and Thomas Merton's prayer were among those analyzed.)

103. Awakening: A Sufi Experience by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan
Lovely book. A look at the Western Sufi spiritual practice. Sufism is supposed to be the esoteric branch of Islam. It appears that the author of this book comes from an Order that takes a more...ecumenical approach to Sufism. If you've read anything by Stiner you might enjoy book. A lot of the concepts are familiar, BUT, unlike Anthroposophy God is the focus (and then again I may be missing something in my reading of Anthroposophy) or at the very least this brand of Sufism isn't shy at putting God at the center of the practice. I enjoyed this one very much.

104. The Art of the Storyteller by Marie L. Shedlock
Originally published in 1915 and re-published in the '50's by ALA on recommendation by the Out-of-Print committee. Interesting book. Goes into why tell stories in the classroom (!) instead of reading stories, the pitfalls of storytelling, things to remember, and a FAQ. And several of the stories in the back were one's I'd not heard of before. Lots of good stuff in this book for anyone who wants to tell stories or wants to improve their storytelling skills.


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