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Or a proto meme. allanh  mentioned that people have been memeing "What would you do if you won the lottery?" question.

I like this day dream, so what the hell, I'll write it down.

1. Pay off house.
2. Buy Joe new car.
3. Fully fund retirement funds for us, kids, parents.
4. Throw party.
6. Plan year long trip around the world
7. Live comfortably on rest
8. Give lots of it away.

Note I did not say "College fund". Why? I believe that children only value the things they have to work for. Whether or not we ever hit the lottery, the only thing of my childrens college education that I plan on paying for is their room and board. They will have to come up with reg fees, book money, beer money, etc. Maybe its harsh. But I saw too many people in college pissing their opportunity away 'cause Mommy and Daddy were paying for everything. Those of us who had to scramble took it seriously and got good grades. And for the most part succeeded.
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