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Flagrant, Blatant Lawbreaking!

We took the kids swimming at the Downtown Y today. I'll let Joe write up why the entire trip as a whole had its problems, but I'll write up the lawbreaking.

I'm sitting on the top step in the shallow end of the pool. Gray wants to nurse. No biggie, I scoot the fabric of the top aside and commence with the baby feeding. After a few minutes a lifeguard comes over

"Ma'am. You need to cover up. We don't allow exposed breasts here, even for feeding."

I look up at him and continue to nurse.

"Do you really want to me to call La Leche League and organize a Nurse In?"

"You need to cover up with a towel or a shirt or something. Is that too much to ask?"


And I turn away and ignore him. He stomps off in a huff.

An hour or so later, as I'm leaving he nearly trips over himself to reach me and apologizes profusely stating that he was completely wrong in his request.

At home discussing this with Joe he mentions that the lifeguard probably got reamed 'cause he broke the law.

"He did?"

I look it up. I'll be damned. Its been protected in this state since 1997. Cool

Me? That's pretty much my stock response to any asshats who hassle me when I nurse. I didn't realize that I had the law behind me. Awesome.

I also grabbed the card of the Services Director on my way out. She will be getting a phone call in the morning.



Jul. 30th, 2010 10:16 pm (UTC)
I think I remember when they made that a law. Well, I remember some big thing over YMCA saying women weren't allowed to breastfeed, because it distracted the lifeguards. I don't know if the law came from that or not.

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