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114. The End of the Beginning by Avi
I was perusing the Awards Wall in the children's section of the library and grabbed a few newer books looking for something to read to the kids. I've got lots of classics at home, but I'm not up on the newer stuff. This is one of the ones I grabbed. Its a cute book. The subtitle is "Being the adventures of a small snail (and an even smaller ant)" Its about a book loving snail who wants an adventure. An adventure ensues.

115. Wild Things: The art of nurturing boys by Stephen James and David Thomas
Another raising boys book by a couple of Christians who are not only parents of young boys, but are counselors. The authors applies the Christian message very gently, unlike the last raising boys book I read. Like the last one, I disagree on their views of sex and masturbation, but they do handle homosexuality quite well. Enough about the complaints. This is a good book. Breaks down the life of a growing boy into stages and describes the physical, neurophysical, emotional, and character development. They give lots of references to other books for more information. And one of the best things is they take a chapter and talk about the relationship with each parent at each stage and how to help that parent nurture their boy through that stage. Awesome. I might get this book as I think I will want to read it every once in awhile and I forget about books that aren't on my shelf.

116. Her Seven Sisters by Paul Goble
While perusing the Folk and Fairytale section in the library I stumbled across a section of Native American folklore books. Knowing that is a subject covered in Grade 3, I brought them home to see if they were any good and to make notes of any I might like Ike to read. I brought four by Paul Goble home. They are all wonderful. The artwork is excellent, the stories beautiful. This one is about a young girl who goes off to find her 7 brothers and how they eventually became the stars of the Big Dipper. I like this one because I can pull it in when we do an astronomy block in future years. Waldorf is all about layering.

117.Adopted by Eagles by Paul Goble
Betrayed by his best friend an Indian warrior is adopted by young eagles as a brother, they eventually save him and he returns to his people to marry the girl he was betrayed for.

118. The Legend of the White Buffalo Woman by Paul Goble
The White Buffalo Woman brought the peace pipe to the Lakotas and then turned into a White Buffalo Calf and promised to return someday.

119. The Earth Made New by Paul Goble.
Creation the Earth Maker made the Earth on the back of a turtle.

120. Peter in Blueberryland by Elsa Beskow
Found these books through a Waldorf reading list. My kids LOVE all the books by this author

Young Peter goes into the forest to collect blueberries and cranberries for his mother as a birthday present. When he can't find any the King of Blueberryland takes him on an adventure and fills his baskets

121. Pelle New Suit by Elsa Beskow
Pelle needs a new good suit. Follow the entire manufacturing process from sheep to finished clothing.

122. Aunt Green, Aunt Brown, Aunt Lavender by Elsa Beskow
Meet the Aunts and Uncle Blue who lives across the street. The story of how Peter and Lotta came to live with the Aunts

123. Peter and Lottas Adventure by Elsa Beskow
Peter and Lotta get lost in the woods and have a grand adventure getting home!

124. Peter and Lotta's Christmas by Elsa Beskow
Peter and Lotta's first Christmas with the Aunts and the first time they meet the Christmas Goat.

125. Uncle Blue's New Boat by Elsa Beskow
Everyone gets involved in the adventure when Uncle Blue gets a new boat and the entire family go on a picnic on an island.

126. Aunt Brown's Birthday by Elsa Beskow
Everyone is involved in creating a surprise for Aunt Brown for her birthday.

Whew! That's a lot of picture books!
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