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127. Teaching Children Handwriting by Audrey McAllen
OMG. This is a fabulous book. It was recommended by a Waldorf Teacher on one of the Waldorf Homeschooling lists I'm on (you'd be surprised how many teachers hang out with us homeschoolers), so when I went to the conference in April I popped a copy into my bag. I just sat down to read it a couple of days ago. Blew me away. Audrey McAllen is responsible for the Waldorf Extra Lesson Teacher (sorta equivalent to the special ed teacher...more like the O.T. the Speech Therapist, tutor all rolled into one) this book goes about her way of not only teaching children how to write, but essentially that teaching them to write teaches them to read (which is the basic Waldorf Philosophy about teaching reading anyway) Why did I really like this book? Most of the curriculum teaches the teacher what to teach...not how. This  book goes into meticulous detail about how. Awesome, especially since Ike really needed me to read this book. I will be changing refining how and what I will be teaching this year.

128. Living Language: A Language Arts Curriculum by Donna Simmons
Donna Simmons writes homeschooling curriculum through her company Christopherus. I think most of her publications are waaaay overpriced for what they deliver. I have purchased and returned waaay too much of her stuff. I do, however, find that her overviews are excellent. Just do yourself a favor, buy them used. Mostly I just can't stand her "voice". Its a big too dogmatic and "this is the right way to do it, if you don't do it this way you aren't doing it right". I'll admit it, she just rubs me wrong. (Amusing aside: She had the same complaint about the McAllen book above.) That being said. I really like this book. Again, it isn't a what its a how. And it helped me see ways I could teach Ike better.  And it helped me be more comfortable that he really has no interest in reading right now. And that its okay. Again, its helping me refine what and how I'll be teaching this year.

So I'm back to reading heavy duty "school" stuff. I decided to take July off. Now that its August, I'm back to hitting the books. I'm also giving myself until the 15th to start in on my homework. (yes, classes don't start until Sept. 11, but I have a short list of reading to accomplish before that first class)
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