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154. Mission of Honor by David Weber
Yea! Awesome! Dammit! Now I've got to wait..what...a year? For the next book. No surprises but the ending was pretty much like I predicted. If you've seen Braveheart...remember that battle that had the Scots on one end of the valley, the Irish mercs on the other...they start running down the hills to clash in the middle and they stop, greet each other, say "hey! How ya doin'? Nice to see ya. Glad you could make it. Say? How 'bout we kick some English ass now huh?" And they turn around and run up the hill to kill the English. Yea. That.

155. Path of Discovery: Grade Two by Eric Fairman
Originally written as class notes by a Waldorf Teacher for Waldorf Teachers. Apparently he later figures out that Homeschoolers are buying his book and he starts to write thicker books, but this one, although compact, is thorough. And since I picked it up for a buck at the Recycled Resource Room at the Homeschool convention this last weekend...its a steal! I also managed to snag grade one....I'm hopin' next year I can snag three and four. =)

Sometime in the near future:

Wisdom comes dancing by Ruth St. Denis. If kineticphoenix  hasn't read this...she would probably like to...its awesome.
Homemaking as a social art by Veronika Van Duin. I need to have this read by the 11th for school. I'm really enjoying this one.
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