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Plan for the Month

Its that time of year again!

We start school on Monday and I thought I'd post our schedules for the month (rather than weekly. Updates should be a lot easier this year...everything is on my computer so I don't have to transcribe from a written record) Ike will be our big Second Grader and Elli & Gwen will be my Kindergarteners. Gray will just float through our days. I plan to do school once he's down for his nap and since Gray is so nice as to go down for a nap between 10 and 11, we should have our day done by lunch

First two weeks is an ease into school. We will be doing a bunch of form drawing, an intro to the penny whistle, and working on a math carpet. I'm swiping an idea from a teacher at Njeri's school. The teacher took a sheet of 11x14 paper, colored in the background and drew a very nice number starting from 1 to 36. And put them on the floor with clear contact paper. He used this for the kids to work math problems. I thought this was a cool idea. But I'm not doing that to my floor, so I got a 6'x9' piece of canvas. Ike and I will draw 12 inch squares on it, and fill each box with a number. I figure this project will take us a couple of days minimum.

Week 2
American Tall Tales
Verse: Jack and Jill
Math drill: 0
Day 1
George Washington and the Cherry Tree
Draw scene from book into MLB
Day 2
Narrate, summarize, write summary into MLB
Read introduction of Grammarland and draw scene
Paint rabbits
Day 3
Molly Pitcher
Draw scene from story in MLB
Day 4
Narrate and summarize, write summary in MLB
Form drawing, mirror wavy lines

Week 3
American Tall Tales
Kindly kittens tongue Twister
Math drill: 1
Day 1
John Henry by Julius Lester
Day 2
Narrate, summarize into MLB
Paint turtles
Day 3
Mike Fink by Kellogg
Draw scene into MLB
Day 4
Narrate and summarize into MLB
Alpha Phonics 8
Form drawing, mirror castle pg 3

Week 4
Verse: Little Robin Red Breast
Math drill: 2
Day 1
St. George and the Dragon EarthSchooling Grade 2 page 431
Draw scene into MLB
Day 2
Narrate and summarize into MLB
Paint dragons
Day 3 Michaelmas
Strong Boy (hard drive)
Draw scene in MLB
Model dragons
Day 4
Narrate and summarize into MLB
Form Drawing, mirror pg 5

Elli and Gwen
Week 2 Apple Orchard
Handwork for week
Pompoms page 41 Autumn Seasons of Joy
Model apples with brown stems and leaves
Draw a picture of a large apple
Story for week
Big Red Apple in For the Children’s Hour page 38

Week 3 Apple Orchard
Handwork for week
Forest Fairies page 41 Autumn Seasons of Joy
Story for Week: Apple Farmer Annie (SJPL)

Week 4 Michaelmas
Handwork for week
Dragon bread
Story for week Young George and the Baby Dragon in Before the Journey page 12

I've got more details in my daily printouts...but this gives everyone an idea of what we are working on!


Aug. 29th, 2010 05:31 pm (UTC)
I thought you were goig to delay kindergarten for the girls. Are you going to do two years of kindergarten?
Aug. 29th, 2010 10:00 pm (UTC)
Yep. Which is pretty standard for Waldorf education. Actually, children ages 4-6 are considered Kindergarteners. My girls wouldn't be allowed near a First Grade classroom until they turned 7. As a newly turned 6 y.o. is considered much too young. And I agree. (One of the rules of thumb on starting First grade is 7 springs. There are other "rules" as well, but that's the one most schools hold to.)

This year is a story a week, circle time, a few crafts, and festival prep. Next year will be a bit more intense (for Waldorf), adding a sound for the week (corresponding to a letter), some drawing, more complicated crafts (like sewing), and some music lessons (kinderlyre and maybe the penny whistle).

But still, mostly they play. =)
Sep. 3rd, 2010 09:04 pm (UTC)
Oh, yeah. I remember you saying that. Sounds like fun. :)

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