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156. Wisdom Comes Dancing by Ruth St. Denis
Actually this is a collection of her writings. Considered one of the Grandmothers of Modern Dancing (or so I understand). She was actually really interested in and dedicated the bulk of her life to, the concept of Dance as Prayer. Lovely book, lovely poetry. I enjoyed this one very much

157. Homemaking as a Social Art by Veronika Van Duin
Required reading for LifeWays. Although its been sitting in my to-read stack for a couple of months. Another lovely book. Looking at the concept that Homemaking does not have to be the drudgery most of us are brought up to believe. That it can be a fulfilling art. Explores the ways of nurturing the four fold body, education, small children, nutrition, all from an Anthroposophical view point. I'll be reading this one again and again.

158. Columban by Jakob Streit
Waldorf Book. I wasn't sure why I bought this book until I sat down to read it. Something just said..."Igor it!" So I did. Then discovered this is a great (duh, it is a book by Streit) read aloud for Grade 2. Its a very good story the life of St. Columban, an early Irish Saint. So as soon as Ike and I finish the book we are currently on, we will start this one.

159. Uffe the Gnome by Valerie Baadh
Another Waldorf book. Spotted at RSC Bookstore. The cover is a picture of this cute little gnome in a red hat. So I Igor'd it. A book with four stories one for each season. I'll be telling this one to the girls. Very cute, great art.
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