aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

LifeWays Orientation

Last Saturday I drove up to San Rafael for the LifeWays Orientation. We met at the Director's house for lunch (I got glutened, bleh), met everyone in the program, got our materials, our first assignments, went over details of the program, and got a look at the year long knitting project we will be working on.

This will be a lot of work.

This will be a LOT of FUN

I will learn an amazing amount from this class.  And I have the feeling it will only whet my appetite for more.

The only downer is the commuting. Either up to SF or to Marin or down to Big Sur twice a month. And we start EARLY! So I will be having a few very early mornings each month. But at least there is one other classmate down here. Everyone else is either in the city or a couple are in Marin.

I can't wait for next Saturday!
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