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160. Encounters with Angels by Dan Lindholm
Title says it all. Cute little inspirational book

161.The Healing Power of Prayer by Hans-Werner Schroeder
A little book on Prayer. Again, inspirational...and thought provoking

162. The Secret Spiritual Life of Children by Tobin Hart
This one got recommended by Amazon based on what I was reading. So I borrowed it from the library. Very interesting read. Best part of the book? Part 2 Balancing Heaven and Earth, more specifically, chapter 7. Lists 10 ways to bring spirituality to children. Especially useful if you either don't have a religion or practice one that really isn't that spiritual. (Like the UU's. Not that there aren't spiritual people...but the RE tends to focus on the practical aspects of life rather than spiritual)

163. Homeschooling with Autism by Patricia Schetter and Kandis Lighthall
I am so recommending this to Ike's therapists. All of whom are against the concept of Homeschooling someone on the spectrum. Clear, logical, researched views on why homeschooling is a valid and useful option. Also gave me a lightbulb moment on Ike. Also helped me figure out what therapy I need to get him to. Lastly gave me a contact name here in San Jose.
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