aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Whatever it takes sometimes

Ike, like most kids on the Spectrum, has food issues. He's not nearly as bad as some, for which I am eternally grateful, however, it can still be downright annoying.

The other night I made Chili. He was refusing to eat his required 2 bites to be excused from the table. We went back and forth and finally I got an idea.

"Hey Ike, did you know that beans make you fart?"


"Yea." Then I sang the song at him. The bowl of chili disappeared.

The whole next day..."MOM!!! When are the beans going to make me fart?" "Soon enough"

While eating dinner we hear the evidence that the chili has done its work.

"Mom! The beans kicked in!"

The joys of boys.
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