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The Year Long Knitted Farm Project

LifeWays believes in having real work for the adult to do around the children. It also believes in handmade natural toys for children to use. Towards this, we are “required” to learn how to knit, and then put those knitting skills to use. Hence, the Year Long Knitted Farm Project.

I dislike going forth on such a large project without a plan. The programs plan is that everyone will create 16 squares and then put the farm together to form a playmat. With everybody using their own imagination on how its going to turn out. I need more planning than that, so  I pulled out a LARGE piece of drawing paper, folded it so there are 16 squares and plotted out what I wanted in each square. Since I have a nasty habit of losing things like this…I’m posting my plan and the materials needed so I have a backup. Not a bad idea huh?

If you are really interested in reading what I’m going to be doing, feel free to read behind the cut…’cause its long!

Square are approx 8 inches square, a 4 x 4 mat will be approx 32 inches square…which is a good sized mat. My priority is to create the mats first then create the extras, fruit veggies, animals, houses, etc, etc. Once I get the mats done I’ll work on filling in the ones that need filling in.

NB if it just says Page X its referring to photocopies of pages taken out of Living Crafts (Awesome Magazine BTW). Other references are noted with page numbers for instructions.

1.     1. Sheep crossing
Mat: Garter Stitch in Multi Greens Bulky with a couple of patches of solid green in Stockinette
Sheep: White and Black Boucle.
Page 5&6

2.     2.Corn Field
Mat: Loop Stitch in Prarie Goldenrod Worsted with Yellow Worsted
Page 3

3.     3. Veggie Garden #1
Mat: 3/2 Rib in Brown Bulky or Doubled Worsted
Bridge: Worsted Brown or Gray
Page 3

4.      4. Creek (connects to pond)
Grass: Seed Stitch in Bulky Green
Creek: Stockinette Bulky Blue
Bushes: Greens

5.     5.Pasture DONE
Garter Stitch in Bulky Green and Brown Mix

6.    6. Farm House and Barn
Grass: Simple Seed Stitch in Bulky Green
Path: Garter Stitch in Worsted Grays
House:DK Yarns
Barn: DK Barn Red and brown Yarn
The Knitted Farm Yard page 36

7.    7. Pond
Pond: Chevron Stitch in Bulky Blue
Grass: Double Moss Stitch in Bulky Greens
Bushes: Greens
The Knitted Farm Yard
Pond Lillies: Greens, White, and Pinks in Sport/DK weight
The Knitted Garden page 94

8    8. Veggie Garden #2
Mat: Browns and Greens in Bulky

The Knitted Garden page 90

9.       9. Pasture with Rocks
Mat: Garter Stitch in Bulky Green
Rocks: Worsted weight Whites/Grays
Page 1

10.   10.Flower Garden
Mat: 4X4 Checkboard in Bulky Green
Flowers: Greens and embroidery floss
Page 3

11.   11. Veggie Garden #3 (Root Veggies)
Mat: Cables in Sport brown
Root Veggies (reds and oranges, sport/DK and Greens)
Page 8

12.   12. Veggie Garden #4 (Cauliflower and Cabbages)
Mat: Garter Stitch on diagonal in Russet Bulky
Cauliflower: Greens and Whites in sport/DK
Cabbages: Greens and purples in sport/DK
The Knitted Garden page 85

13.   13. Pumpkin Patch and Scarecrow
Mat: 3X3 Rib in Green Bulky
Pumpkins:  Orange and Greens Sport/DK
Stakes: Brown in Sport/DK
Scarecrow: Rust, Blue, yellow and Orange in Sport/DK
Page 4

14.   14. Hay Field (Partially mown)
Mat: Loop Stitch in DK Yellows, loops cut at varied lengths as its partially harvested
Page 3

15.   15.Pig Pen
Mudpit: Garter Stitch in Dark Brown Bulky with bobbles
Dry Dirt: Trinity Stitch in Light Brown Bulky or light brown& light Grey Worsted
Fence: I-cord in dark brown Sport/DK
Page 4 for fences 

16. 16. Veggie Garden #5
Mat: Raised Eyelet Rib Stitch



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