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179.Write these laws on your children: Inside the world of conservative Christian homeschooling by Robert Kunzman
The most common face of homeschooling in America is conservative Christians (CC) who want to protect their children from the "Goddless Culture". So I'm definitely not that, I wanted to see what this guy came up with. It was not a wide book. This book profiles exactly 6 families. Which isn't a big enough sample in my opinion to put up as the face of CC Homeschooling. But they volunteered. This book disturbed me for a couple of reasons. 1. Two of the families should NOT be homeschooling. One because it was her husbands idea and she did so reluctantly. The other for being the sterotypical inbred, ignorant, white trash, redneck Christian. Who are also child abusers who swear by and promote the use of that damn book "To train up a child" (The book has been implicated in several severe cases of child abuse and child death in homeschooling families. Go look at the Amazon entry for quotes and samples. Ugh) The other thing that really bothered me is that not one family was "Homeschooling". There were all "schooling at home". Their childrens' education all consisted of textbooks, reading chapters, answering the questions in the back, take the quiz. Wash, rinse, repeat. But after some consideration I realized that their educational goals were to put God back in, which they accomplish, but not necessarily to create creative, imaginative, thinkers. The author tries valiantly to stay neutral, but fails. I will give him many props however that he states at the end of the book that he was bankrolled by the NEA.

180. The Armageddon Inheritance by David Weber
Book two in the "Empire from Ashes" series. I can't find book 1. But I read it anyway. Weber is still a good read

181. Heirs of Empire by David Weber
Book three. I don't think Weber will come back to this series even though he left room for more expansion. He stole too many of the ideas from this series for his new Safehold series. Which is VERY good by the way.
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