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Irreverence at Church

Forgive me Mother for I have sinned. I took thy Worship and made a mockery of it...

Let me set this up.

On the 7th our UU church was visited by the Dustbunnies. I missed their last visit and was sorely vexed as its kineticphoenix , riseorbleed  and dragon_spirit  's Circle? Coven? Group! And they led our staid congregation with the Old Pagan Tent Revival! I had a great time. It was awesome. At one point, Brother Phillip began to tell us their Creation Story. And he mentioned something about "Staring into the endless vortex of time." (Don't actually quote me on that.) Without thinking and without pausing I started to tap out Da, Da, Da, Dum on Joe's leg with my index finger. It only took him three iterations to realize I was tapping out the rhythm of the heartbeat of a Time Lord.

Please give us the applause we deserve because we did NOT make a sound. Not one giggle. Not one snort. Not one little guffaw. Sitting in the back row, Joe and I were rocking and shaking with laughter.

We are such geeks.
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