aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

My children's creativity

Today they decided to write Christmas Songs. Here's what they came up with

Elli’s Christmas Song

Its Baby Jesus’ Birthday
Soon the Christmas Tree will Shine
Its Baby jesus Christmas Birthday
Its the day he was born
Let the shining star shine bright
For it is his birthday Christmas dayLet the shining star grow so bright


Ike’s Christmas Song

Oh we just love Christmas, we love Christmas
Oh we just love Baby Jesus because he was born on Christmas Day
We give flowers to him and we just love him so much
And that’s the end of my beautiful song.


Gwen’s Christmas Song

 Gwen’s Merry Christmas Santa sled
And all the children are happy and sleep through the night and they love Santa
And Santa is the best guy ever and he gives the children presents
And that’s a friendly Santa when they wake up in the morning they see presents at their presents and the kids start to open their presents and they say “We Love Them!”
He’s the Best (x3)
Santa is the best one Ever!
This is the end of my song!!!

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