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Only my child

So Wednesday night, on the way to skating lessons the topic of conversation with the kids came around to outhouses. I don't remember how we got there...but we did and they wanted to know what an outhouse was. I told them it was where people went potty before they had running water and toilets in the house. I described it as a little shack out back of the house with a hole in the ground you pooped and peed in.

Yesterday morning. I kick everyone outside to play. I get dressed, pack a bag for the gym and come outside to see what they are up to. They are in the process of digging a large, deep hole in the sand box.

"What are you guys up to?"
"We're digging an outhouse!"
"Okay, just don't use it. Poop and pee in the potty in the house inside."

Ike starts looking guilty.

"What's wrong Ike?"
"Would you get mad if we already used it?"
"Did you pee in the sandbox?"

A little prevacating happens at this point. There's some accusations of witholding truth. Finally he spits it out with some cajoling.

"I dug a hole behind the hot tub, pooped in it, and covered it up"

I gave him a doggie poop bag, I had him get a shovel, and I made him clean it up. We then had a LONG discussion about how the potty in the house is the only place to be used for those activities.




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