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I've been listening to the lecture series "Love and its meaning in the world". Good stuff...some of its way out there. But there's still good stuff. The 9th lecture is entitled "Faith, love, and hope: toward the 6th epoch". I'm sleepy, nursing a baby and my ears perk up at this bit towards the end of the lecture.

"We have wireless installations — undreamt of by our ancestors — to transmit our thoughts all over the earth, and what good does it do us? The most trivial, unproductive thoughts are sent hither and thither, and human ingenuity has to be strained to the utmost to enable us to transport from some far distant region, by means of all kinds of perfected appliances, something for us to eat; or to travel at high speeds round the globe. But in our heads there is nothing worth sending from place to place, for our thoughts are cheerless; more-over, since we have had our present means of communication, they have become even more cheerless than when they were conveyed in the old snail-like fashion.”

Wow....could that man call it or what? Now granted it was supposed to be said by a culture about 3000 years from now...but still. I mean, how else can you explain Twitter?
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