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Grrr. I had a list of about 15 picture books that I was going to add to this list...but then my computer crashed and the file was lost. Oh well. I'll add the ones I remember

201. Naamah's Curse by Jacqueline Carey
Book 2 of the Naamah Trilogy. Good stuff! I want this trilogy someday.

202. Sliding into home by Kendra Wilkinson
Hey, I like the show. I'll borrow the book from the library. Its pretty much what you expect.

203. I am Wonder Woman by Erin Stein
Early reader of the origin on Wonder Woman. Gwen has developed a fascination with WW. That's my girl!

204. Cars by Pixar
Big Picture book of the movie. No surprises here.

205. Star Tree by Gisela Colle
Lovely book. Story about a city pulled together during a winter storm.

206.the Three little Javelinas by Susan Lowell
The three little pigs moved to the Southwest desert.

207. How Jackrabbit got his long ears. by Heather Irbinskas
Trickster tale of the Southwest.

The end is nigh. Coming up...a list of all the audio books I've listened to. Yes, they count!
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