aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Pride goeth before the fall

Or in my case Pride goeth with the fall.

I was carrying Gray into my local Lucky's...and missed the curb. Full flat out fall, my knees and right hand took the brunt of it, but so did Grays butt and head. I spent a couple of minutes soaking my knees holding a screaming baby. We got surrounded by people, and there was an ambulance crew on a coffee break at the Starbucks looked him over. Ouch...poor baby. He's had a rough day!

We are both still wet and dirty, sore in places, and my pretty new ring is mangled. (The stones are fine, but the underside of the ring got flattened out and needs rounding out again...its a bit uncomfy to wear now. Not that I'm taking it off mind you.)

I may call Dr. Kelli and see if she'll meet me in the office upper back is starting to feel very sore.
Tags: gray, self

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