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Last second entry

New book read to the Ike at bedtime.

251. Skippyjon Jones in the Dog House by Judy Schachner
Okay, if you like picture books and you haven't read this yourself a favor...go and find one. We LOVE this series. Its about a siamese cat...whose alter ego is a chihuahua named Skippito Friskito and has adventures in his bedroom closet. Skippito Friskito speaks in his best Spanish accent. His Mama, Mama Junebug Jones, is always sending him to his room trying to get him to think Siamese Cat! She also speaks in a southern fact, Joe pointed out that I channel Holly Hunter when I read her bits. It seems appropriate. We still don't own any of these...mostly because there are soooooo many copies at the library and the kids just keep checking them out.
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