aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

A Year of Books


I read, at least, 251 books in 2010. I'm actually a bit disappointed in the number. I was sure I'd hit somewhere in the 300's. But all in all. 251 isn't too bad. I got a lot of reading done. Especially when you add in: the daily paper, the Newsweek that comes every week, the 3 different homeschooling mags, Playboy, three different parenting mags, three different stitching mags, two zines, two travel mags, and one Waldorf Education magazine. I think if I cut out all my magazines, I'd have more time to read books.

Now there's a goal...stop reading magzines.

I don't think I'll continue this for 2011. It was an interesting experiment. I enjoyed it...but not enough to continue it.

I'll still post things about really interesting books or books I want to be able to find later.

What interesting books did YOU read this year?
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