aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

The things I find myself doing

as a parent I never thought I'd ever do.

Today after church, I dropped off the gang at the park just down the street. The grocery store is just beyond that so I got my shopping done stress-free (yea me!). Drove back to the park to get everyone. Elli saw me and called out a "Hi Mom!" and then followed it with "I've got to go potty!" I told her I didn't think there was a potty at this particular park and she'd have to wait a bit, we'd leave soon and then she could go at home.  She seemed satisified.

I walked the rest of the way in, helped Gray into a bucket swing and started to push him and talk to Joe. I then notice out of the corner of my eye that Elli was crouching behind a big tree, right in front of everyone, with her panties around her ankles. I had to giggle. I know its wrong...but I couldn't help it.  Joe then pointed out the bathroom to me so I'd know for next time.

I called her over and said "Honey, we don't go pee behind trees right in front of everyone."
"I know."
"Good. Please don't do it again."
"I won't. Besides I didn't go pee."
"You didn't?"
"Nope! I went poop!"

I went to the diaper bag and grabbed a couple of wipes, had her take me to the tree and yes indeed, she had pooped. It was disposed of properly.

Only my child.

I still think its funny.
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