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Things I learned today about Head Lice

  • I was extremely lucky that I never got infested as a child.
  • Its a growing epidemic in the US, especially in CA with 25% of the child population in the state having an infestation right this second
  • It takes a head louse 3 days to starve to death
  • The head lice that are running around today are almost completely immune to the regular products available at the pharmacy (makes sense, we've got super bacteria...why not super head lice?)
  • Head lice can be killed by hot and/or boiling water or shoving the infected item in the dryer on hot for about 20 minutes
  • Head lice are species specific (you can neither give it to or get it from your pets) and blood type specific (if you get a head lice from an O+ person and you are A- if they try to drink your blood, they explode. How cool is that? The problem comes from that louse if its female and managed to lay eggs on you before she goes boom!)
  • The more rare your blood type, the lower your chances of infestation is.
  • A female louse can lay over 2000 eggs in her lifetime and they are nomadic. Meaning that they go to different spots on your head each day to lay eggs.
  • Lice are more active at night
  • Your child can have an infestation for 6 months before you notice. (And yes, I brush their hair...I just didn't notice it. I've also never had it before...I didn't know what to look for.)
  • The teachers at Supercuts (where I took the kids for free haircuts this morning) are awesome, they spotted it. Unlike the haircutters at the kid salon who have cut their hair at least twice, if not three times in the last six months.
  • When you wash your hair or swim, they just hibernate for 4-5 hours.
  • The non-pesticide lice removal stuff (enzymatic action) literally dissolves the louses exoskeleton. Cool!
  • Head lice HATE essential peppermint and tea tree oil
  • For prevention: add peppermint essential oil to your shampoo and conditier
  • Better effect: put two drops of peppermint essential oil in your hands, rub onto your hair on the way out the door (start in the back before bringing it near your eyes. Stingy otherwise)
  • Ponytails are good. Braids are better
  • Spending too much money to have 5 people deloused is a good way of spending money.
  • Sitting down for an hour having someone fine comb your hair is actually really, really relaxing.
So for anyone in the South Bay or the greater Bay Area, if you need a service, Nitbusterz is totally awesome. Expensive, but worth not having to fight with your kids. Especially when you have four of them. It took her nearly 5 hours to get through all of us and there's no way in hell I'd of been patient enough to do it. And as Joe pointed out later...there's no way my hands would have put up with it either.
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