aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Gray makes me laugh

We had a family BBQ to celebrate Elli and Gwen's impending 6th Birthday today. A good time was had by all I think. Well, at least I had a good time. =)

As the evening was winding down, I'm sitting on the couch, nursing Gray, sitting next toriseorbleed who was snuggling with kineticphoenix  and chatting with them and mollygm . As I'm nursing Gray (who spent the day in a diaper BTW. He didn't want to wear clothes today. Fine. Whatever it was warm outside.), I look down and notice that he's got his hand in his diaper and he's playing with himself. I look him in the eye and say:

"Gray. You can either nurse or you can play with your penis. Which do you want to do?"
"Okay, that's fine. But you have to either go to the bathroom or your bedroom to do that, its not something for the living room."

He hops off my lap, shoves his hand into the front of his diaper and walks off in the direction of his room.

All the nearby adults who heard this conversation begin to die laughing. Through our tears of laughter we finally hear Gray going into the bathroom and starting a bath...where he spent a good long time playing in the tub.

Only my child.

It felt soooooooo good to laugh. Its been too long since I've laughed that hard. I feel like I've forgotten how to laugh. I've been taking life much tooooooo seriously lately.
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