aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Vacation Wrap Up!

Joe has been on vacation this last week, and its been fabulous! We hung out, went out to lunch without kids a couple of times, we got naked a few times, cleaned the garage, had an excellent trip to the Beach Boardwalk (no lines, beautiful day, must remember the Tuesday before labor day is an excellent day to go), went swimming a couple of times, got some sewing done, wanted to see a movie but couldn't get it to fit in the schedule (oh well, next time), visited my parents and Grandma, got an article published, went to the Highland Games (no way in hell are we doing that again for a few years...and Ren Faire this year is right out!), went to church, did homework, got errands ran, got ready for the kids to start school (yikes!) was just the right amount of busy time and at home time.

It's been awesome. We need to continue to do this. Is there any better way than spending 90% of your time with your sweetie and best friend (and I'm lucky that they are, in fact, the same person? I think not.

Now we just need to win the lottery so every week can be like this one. =)
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