aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Elli's got holes in her face

So this afternoon we went to the Caledonian Club's Highland Games. Big win for me??? Getting to see and listen to Tempest. Been loving that band for almost 20 years (scary that).

When I was in the process of buying their 20 year anniversary CD Elli comes over and hands me a tooth. She yanked out her first loose tooth! And it wasn't the one that's been bugging her. (The lower middle two have been loose for about a week and the one on her right was bugging her...but the one she handed me was the left one) So everyone in hearing (not that many, the band is loud) clapped and congratulated her.

Getting ready for bed tonight, I asked if she wanted me to try yanking the other tooth out. (Which I've been doing once every couple of days for the last week.) She did, so I grabbed a kleenex and yanked it out of her mouth!

So Elli got her Losing First Tooth Ceremony with two teeth in the Tooth Fairy box! How cool is that?
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