aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

The Nursery is Clean!!!

The reason why this is blog worthy is that I haven't cleaned that room since I prepped the room for Gray's arrival over TWO YEARS AGO.
  • One kitchen garbage bag full
  • three trips to the recycling can
  • 1 bag of stuff for Goodwill
  • 1 bag of stuff for friend with baby girl
  • 1 bag of stuff for friend with baby boy
  • 1 load of regular laundry
  • 1 load of diapers and diaper related stuff (diapers were not "used"...just on the floor and filthy from dirt)
  • two swim diapers found
  • enough feathers that makes the room look like someone dumped out a bean bag chair and fired off a Van de Graaff generator. (cat ripped a hole in my feather comforter oh, say....a year ago)
  • two packets of information from the hospital from when the girls were born
  • one useless maternity swim suit
  • toys, lots and lots of toys.
Oh my that room looks so much better. I am going to strip the bed after I get the girls from school and wash the sheets (what an idea!). I'm also going to take my vacuum in there with the bare floor attachment and get all the sand and feathers on the floor (feathers are impossible to sweep up). Only took about an hour, Gray was nice enough to go down for a nap this afternoon so I could really get in there and clean.

I even pulled everything out from under the bed and swept it out...that was a HUGE amount of feathers.

Go Me! Now to go wake up Gray and get the girls from school.
Tags: cleaning, self

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