aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Long ass day

I drop off the kids at school every day at around 8:30. Acutally, I'd love to say "drop-off" and mean it 'cause in this sick, fearful society I have to stick around until the kids are in the classroom and I have to sign them in and out. (I'd do it anyway for the girls, they are in kindy after all). Anywho...

As I signed Ike into his class, his teacher comes over and asks if I can come back to help the kids cook today. I asked when, and said I'd have to check with Njeri, as I was going to Sweet Peas (a playgroup for 1 & 2 year olds on campus run by a 4th grade parent) and didn't have a way to have Gray cared for otherwise. I checked with Njeri and she said no problem. So Gray got to hang out with the kindergarteners in the later part of the morning and early afternoon.

First I taught a fellow mom how to knit (I love teaching knitting). Then, I went to Sweet Peas from 9:30-11:30, took Gray out to the kindergarten, went into the 3rd grade class room and helped 8 kids cook pasta and simple tomato sauce from scratch. (And yes, we needed 5 adults. 1 to do the teaching (a dad) and the rest of us at each station assisting kids). We got done with the cooking and eating at 1:30, and clean up lasted until 2:15. I joined Elli, Gwen and Gray in the garden. Since Ike got out at 3:15, I didn't bother leaving, I just got a chair from the kindergarten, pulled out my knitting and went to town.

Ike got out at 3:15 and wanted to play a bit. Then I got into a great conversation with some parents, got consulted about some craft projects that need done with the first grade teacher (who is also a LifeWays grad) and didn't manage to leave campus until 4:00.

Gray had no nap.

I decided I needed to figure out how to keep this kid awake. We were all hot, tired, and thirsty. Time for Jamba Juice! We stopped, got smoothies and drove home. Gray managed to stay awake until we got off the freeway, when he promptly passed out. And he just woke up 20 mintues ago. Oy.

So, the kids are watching the Princess Bride, eating pizza and I'm knitting. Pretty good life, no?
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