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Today did not suck

As one thought it might.

On the fly this morning, Joe and I decided to take the kids to Renn Faire. Joe and I needed a few things for a wedding next month (He's the best man, and its a costumed Fairy Tale themed wedding).

We got:
  • a pair of pants for Joe
  • an awesome hat for Joe
  • Red Riding hood velvetish cape for Elli
  • Rainbow Wings for Gwen
  • Autumn Fairy Garland for me
  • purple garland for Gwen
  • red and black garland for Elli
  • wooden battle ax for Ike
  • sword belt for Ike

We are now ready for Halloween and that wedding. All I need are wings, and I found a perfect pair on clearance on Etsy. Waaay below a price what I would have paid today, had I actually found a pair I liked. (Or even a pair to purchase. Found some for kidlets, but not adults)

There was some temper tantruming (expected), food, lots of huzzah!ing, no meading (dammit), a maze, a puppet show (first time I've ever seen a Punch and Judy), maypoling, swinging, no napping, waving at the Queen, a couple of play, morris dancers, furries, and lots of boobs on display. Oh. And a joust! (kids loved this bit)

After leaving the Faire, we stopped at Casa de Fruta proper. We discovered their pomegranate wine back when I was pregnant with Ike. Its a seasonal thing and when its gone for the year, its gone. I bought a case.

Right before we hit the 101 on the return trip, I noticed a Sonic Drive in on the other side of the road. We've never been there! So Joe made a u-turn and we stopped for dinner. The burger wasn't bad, wasn't great and really annoying for us GF people. Yet another burger to eat with a fork. Bleh.

But other than that....it was a good day!



Oct. 10th, 2011 05:22 am (UTC)
Wow! Sounds fun! Pomegranate wine -- sounds yummy -- any idea how they go about making it? Seems worth a try.

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