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Didn't realize there was a second part huh?

On last thursday, Gray shattered our sliding glass door. First thing Friday morning (the next day), Gray follows me out to the garage. I go back inside, he stays to look at something (Lots of interesting things for a 2 year old to look at in the garage). After a couple of minutes I hear a crash and "mama!".

I go out to the garage and Gray has dropped a jar of pasta sauce on the floor. Lovely. Its the morning rush, I can't deal with it right now, I shove him back into the house and pour liquid cleaner powder all over the mess intending to come back later and sweep up. (There is this cleaning product that absorbs liquids. Its a powder and you pour it over things. It absorbs it all and you sweep up the mess. Comes in handy when your 4 year old dumps pours spills a gallon of bubble solution. Useful stuff, every mother needs a bottle.) The day goes on.

We get home from running around, say, oh, 4:30 in the afternoon. Kids are watching a movie, I'm relaxing with a book. Good times. Gray gets down from his chair and wanders into the garage. And comes back in crying, feet covered in pasta sauce, and walking on the heel of one foot. Oh yea, pasta sauce. I pull the little piece of glass stuck in Gray's foot out and clean up the mess in the garage.

Thankfully, he stopped his glass breaking rampage at this point (for now anyway)


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