aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Magic Forest Journey

Wow, that was awesome!!! The Journey took place over the entire campus. There were lots of oooo's! and Ahhh's! And believe it or not, some tears. Once Ike figured out that several of his classmates were in the cast he was upset and feeling left out. But overall a successful evening and a satisfying end to all of the frantic creation going on for the last month. And especially the last couple of days. Between Wednesday and Thursday I baked something like 11 dozen cookies for this and I carved 6 pumpkins yesterday...and I've been helping out with the other crafting sessions since school started. My hands HURT!

Now to start prepping for the next event: Amahl and the Night Visitors. Musical Theater!!!! Wooooot!!! So, mark your calendar's ya'll, we are putting on two shows, one on the evening of December 16 and a matinee on the 17th. Oh. And Gwen is currently one of the kids cast in the lead part (There's like 4). And, uh, yours truly is cast as the Mother (which is the adult lead part). (The rest of the family will also be on stage doing other bits) This is a fund raiser for the school so please make plans to attend a show!
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