aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Ike amuses me

I pulled out a seasonal beeswax candle to be lit at dinner time for the first time in a long time last night. Ike asked if he could light the candle tonight. And he did, very well. The other benefit of lighting the candle is the right to blow it out. The children really like that bit.

After dinner was over, Gray was making for the candle to blow it out before Ike. Ike rushed over, put his face right over the lit candle and blew. Hard. He blew so hard that the melted wax flew all over the table...and his face.

He turns around and says "Mommy!" And I look and the lower part of his face is covered in little, tiny droplets of beeswax. I didn't laugh out loud, but boy did I want to. I managed to stifle it to snickers, which, in turn made him laugh. But he did look quite silly with those little dots of wax on his face.

He went into the bathroom and gently scratched it all off his face...and he promised that he'd never do that again. =)
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