aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

I can hear the Universe Laughing!!!

So. Thursday night, Joe takes Ike to the ER 'cause he took a header at school and started puking a couple of hours later. Verdict? Concussion.

Last night, Joe takes me to the ER with Chest pains and pressure. Verdict? Something I ate. (I was there for 6 hours. No knitting, no book, no CPAP...I didn't get home until 3:15 and it costs $12.00 to get home via taxi. And I took a Taxi because the Doc on duty told us at 11:30 that it would be at least 3 before I got discharged. So I sent him home to pay off the babysitter. Universe was watching after me 'cause I didn't realize I didn't have keys until 2, and got home to the back door being open. When I thanked Joe for leaving the door open, he told me he didn' had been an accident.)

Tonight, I take myself to the Minor Injury Clinic (for things that need to be seen right away but aren't an Emergency) for my left leg deciding that it no longer wished to function. Verdict? No clue. Something soft tissue and I'll see someone in Ortho next week. I have an imobilizer and a pair of crutches in the mean time.

So what happened this evening? I went to the grocery store to get a few things. The last thing was a bottle of Karo and there was a SINGLE bottle on the top shelf waaaaaay in the back. I put my right foot on the bottom shelf and pushed off the ground with my left and something in my knee went SNAP!!! The pain was tremendous.  I forgot to breathe. I damn near about passed out and people were coming over and asking if I was okay. No! I'm not! I then discovered that I could not put any weight on it. I leaned on the cart and hobbled my way to the cash register, paid and hobbled out to the car. Got in and drove home. Called Joe and asked him to get ready to go out and please grab my knitting and book? ('cause there was no way in hell I was going to spend 6 hours in the ER tonight without any entertainment like last night) I drove to the Hospital, parked in the ER slot, sent Joe in for a wheel chair, had Ike "help" me to the MIC and Joe took everyone home. Got x-rays and told I did something impressive, but that they couldn't tell what. So, I'm in Joe's chair with my feet up and annoying levels of pain. Its not too bad until I try to move it and then it spikes something horribly.

But I just sucks, but if I don't laugh, I'm gonna cry. The damage is done and I'll have to wait a few days to find out what in the hell I did and what I can do to fix it.
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