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A home improvement

I have this wall in my entryway. When we moved in I attempted to create a wall of initialed hooks. Cool idea. The hooks were too wimpy for the job and fell out one by one over the last few years, and in addition I had left several test holes in the wall when I installed them. The plaster was even falling off in some places. It looked awful.

Joe's parents were here for a week over Easter. Before they came out I told Ike that he had a job. He was supposed to ask Grandpa to show him how to fill holes in walls. Specifically the holes in that wall in the entryway. I also told him that if he filled in the holes, painted the wall, and installed the new hook rack I purchased, I'd call it even from when he broke my windshield last year. He took me up on it.

So while Dad was here he showed Ike how to fill in every room of the house! All the holes they could find are patched up. Ike and I cleaned the wall in question, removed the electrical plate, removed the light fixture, taped appropriate things off, painted it (he's short and I wanted to do the cutting in) (OMG Its so annoying to paint with just a 3 in brush...I couldn't find a roll for the roller or a bigger brush...took forever.), restored everything we removed and finally installed the new hook bar.

And it looks pretty damn good if I do say so myself. No more holes, no more children's artwork. Just plain, blank, clean wall.

My goal is to paint the house over the room, one wall at a time. Ike will help. I may even pay him.

Here's the finished wall:
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