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And another trip to the Minor Injury Clinic

Which is where Kaiser sends you when you need to be seen, but you don't need the ER.

I'm inside the house getting ready to go to the gym. Gwen comes in screaming (and man, oh man, is she screaming a LOT lately)
"Gray fell down!!!!!"

I shrug...he falls a lot and generally gets right up. I start to get up and I hear him come inside crying. I pick him up and give him love. He tells me "I hurt my head!" I give love and cuddles and feel his head gently. And find a nice sized goose egg on the back of his head. Ouch! I get an ice bag, put ice and water in it, put it on the back of his head and take him to the chair to nurse. Eventually figure out he was attempting to climb a tree in the backyard ("'cause its there!") and fell down and hit that little lip at the bottom of the fence.

He falls asleep. Normally, after falling this would have bothered me. But! 1. It was nap time and 2. he roused easily. Especially when I tried to put him down before he was done nursing! Not a happy camper, let me tell you!

After he passes out I grab the phone and call Kaiser's Advice nurse. Goodness knows, I've been through the wake 'em up every 2 hours routine enough, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Get the nurse on the phone and she has me wake him up. It takes a bit, 'cause he's a heavy sleeper and didn't take any more time than normal. Blah, blah, blah...vomiting=bad, call if we need help, keep close eye on him for 48 hours...fine. No biggie. Got it. And I hang up.

Gray is awake, but wants more comfort. So I nurse him some more. 20 minutes later he comes up for air. There's blood on my arm. uh-oh. I check the back of his head...ewww...big oozing cut on the lump. The ice bag must of kept it from bleeding before. Call the nurse back...cut seems big enough to be looked at and an appointment is made at the MIC. Let the kids watch a movie as I change (don't want to go to Kaiser in my gym clothes.) pile all four kids into the car and head out.

Doctor cleans cut, determines that sutures are needed. Applies a topical anesthetic to the cut (has me hold it to the cut with a glove on my hand...'cause its powerful enough to cause me to lose feeling in my fingers...where the hell was this stuff when I was a kid????!!!) Wait 15-20 minutes with a squirming Gray on my lap, trying to keep all 4 of them entertained. Doctor comes back in, staple gun in hand. Staple gun? Cool! Elli and Gwen flee in terror. Ike stays to watch. I hold Gray on my lap, face planted between my boobs, nurse holds his head still, I hold his hands still. He fusses with the Betadine. The Doctor takes up the gun and...Click, Click..........click. Done. No tears, no flinching. Fastest sutures I've ever seen...even faster than the liquid ones.

We go home. Gray's head is tender, but bouncy for the rest of the evening. He complains of a headache and Joe brings kids tylenol home. (I don't have any in the house...I hate that toxic shit. But I can't give him Ibuprofen...its an NSAID like asprin...it thins the blood and prevents clotting. Which is why you can't take it before surgery. Never knew that. New tidbit of info to file away.)

Could of been a lot worse! But thankful it wasn't.



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Apr. 18th, 2012 02:26 pm (UTC)
EMLA topical anaesthetic cream is god. It is a wonderful thing.

Does he have a clotting disorder? I am not sure how much caution I'd exercise against NSAIDS for a single use with a child, even if they do have a face wound (which bleed more and worse than others often.)

I'd just want the little guy out of pain asap!
Apr. 18th, 2012 02:28 pm (UTC)
NSAIDs are a no no for alcoholics, because the irritate the stomach and can contribute to formation of bleeding ulcers.

And yeah, before surgery, not wise.

I just don't know tho for a small facial wound.

But I'm very very anti tylenol, esp for littles because of the concerns with liver damage. So I am biased against acetominophen.
Apr. 18th, 2012 03:39 pm (UTC)
That stuff was awesome!

He doesn't have a clotting disorder (that we know of), I just know that he didn't really complain about the pain until Joe called to say he was coming home and did I need him to stop for anything?

I had tylenol with codeine...but I figured with a head injury...narcotics are contra-indicated.=)

yea, normally I don't give my kids tylenol...that stuff is just awful and it amazes me that pediatricians keep recommending it to parents. I don't like taking it myself! Its just too easy to kill your liver.
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